How Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘Betray’ the King? Royal Experts Explain

How Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘Betray’ the King? Royal Experts Explain

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have always had contentious ties with the Royal Family. Having said that, they share disparate relationships with each individual in the Palace. While their dynamics with the Queen had become quite infamous lately, King Charles, however, had somewhat of a soft corner for the pair. Nevertheless, even that has come to a shaky ground, or so the reports narrate. 

The entire world witnessed King Charles walk down the aisle with Meghan on her grand wedding day. The King even had a special nickname for his younger daughter-in-law. However, time changes relationships and, with it, their obligations and affirmations that came along. The once sweet father-daughter relationship has now been stained with feelings of betrayal.

Why does the King feel betrayed at the hands of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Amidst the rumors of Prince Harry’s much-awaited memoir, Spare, opinions of past Royal publishers have surfaced back. The author of Brothers and Wives: Inside the life of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan, Christopher Anderson, has recently shared his take on the present situation of the distorted royal family. In his interview with US Weekly, Anderson shared that King feels betrayed by Meghan Markle’s commentary on Archetypes.

Although the expert is of the opinion that the Duchess “justifiably” shares her life experiences, the King seems to be affected by all of it at present. The late Queen was used to the Sussexes’ antics, but the new king is still in the adjustment period since taking over the throne, which could be why he was left “bewildered.”

The ties between the parted families are already hanging by a thread. News channels also reported that King Charles has put forth a condition before the Sussexes if they want to attend his coronation. Prioritizing his wife, the Queen consort, Camilla, the king wants to hear no humiliation or words of contempt in any public forum. It is for this reason that he warned Harry of the same with the latter’s book. 

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As a hint of his future decisions, Prince Harry turned down the King’s Christmas invitation. His book Spare is due on the 10th of January and is said to speak on the intricate details of his and Markle’s troubled past. 

What do you think is the way forward for the royal family and the Sussexes? Shre your thoughts in the comments below.

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