Is ‘The Woman King’ on Netflix Based on Real Life?

Is ‘The Woman King’ on Netflix Based on Real Life?

There is something about the inner workings of military units that has a unique appeal. No wonder there are thousands of films and series centered on the armed forces, combat units, and warfare set in every time period possible. So, it is no surprise that there is immense excitement around a historical epic with a unit of all-female warriors with the legendary Viola Davis leading the pack. We are obviously referring to The Woman King, which will soon stream on Netflix.

The film had a grand premiere at the Toronto International Film festival on September 9. Cinephiles and film critics alike seemed to have loved the film looking at the positive response and glowing reviews. While the movie is set for a theatrical release on September 16, it might take a while for The Woman King to stream on Netflix. With any historical drama, the audience often wonders if the story is based on reality. Let us find out if this one is.

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Is The Woman King coming soon on Netflix a true story?

A similar genre to Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla, the movie is, in fact, sourced from “powerful” real events. The film is set in Dahomey, the 17-19th century West African Kingdom, which is present-day Benin. The Agojie, also known as the Amazons, was a fierce army of women warriors that swore to serve and protect this kingdom. Fun fact, the Agojie was also an inspiration for the Dora Milaje warriors in MCU’s Black Panther.

In the historical epic, Viola Davis plays the commanding, all-powerful, and dynamic General Nanisca. Although her character is mostly fictional, certain character traits mimic a real teenage warrior of the same name. According to The Smithsonian Magazine, a French naval officer crossed paths with this young recruit. In her first kill itself, she allegedly decapitated a prisoner, “squeezed the blood off her weapon and swallowed it.

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However, with no confirmation from director Gina Prince-Bythewood (The Old Guard), we still don’t know if Davis’ role is based on this young warrior. The Woman King attempts to uncover a period in history that people are unaware of. Even Viola Davis admitted to this in a Vanity Fair interview.

The only thing I knew, literally, was that there were women somewhere in Africa that were called Amazons,” revealed Davis.

After a successful theatrical run, The Woman King might grace Netflix in the early months of 2023. What did you think of the premise? Will you catch the film in the theaters? Lets us know in the comments. In the meantime, the film Amina streaming on Netflix is sure to interest fans of the genre.





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