Is The Gaming Venture For Netflix Really A Fruitful One For The Streamer?

Is The Gaming Venture For Netflix Really A Fruitful One For The Streamer?

Back in 2019, when Netflix was one of the biggest streaming websites, the managers behind it said something shocking. Netflix was saying, “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO.” It is very interesting to see how these corporates still find competition in fields not related to theirs.

Ever since Netflix made that clear, we have seen them taking video games seriously. Interestingly, a lot of its popular series, including The Witcher, and Resident Evil, are well-known gaming franchises. Last year, the streamer introduced Netflix Games. It is a small selection of mobile games that users can access at no additional cost! A few intriguing titles were also released throughout the first six months. So, was this idea a success? Let’s see what the data says.

What does the data say about the success of Netflix Games?

Unfortunately, less than 1% of Netflix’s members play Netflix Games on a daily basis. We know the streaming site is expanding the range of its game library. According to data, the games average 1.7 million users per day. It does look a lot; however, the streamer has over 221 million global users.

Netflix started with just five games but has now grown to over twenty. There is still hope. The company is pushing forward to introducing us to different ranges of games. It aims to cover a wider audience now. There are some card games like Exploding Kittens, which sound scary and cute at the same time. However, it is a game where players draw cards until someone draws an exploding kitty and blows up. We’re sure this game is intriguing enough for people to at least try it once.

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Why did the streaming website start working more on games?

We see Netflix struggling a little with its share price. Hundreds of employees have been terminated, and more than a million members lost so far this year. This is an enormous setback. However, with the streamer working on a wider range, other than just its cinematic aspect, it is good to see steady growth in the company.

We have to wait and see if Netflix genuinely possesses the tools to stake out the territory of big gaming companies. Will the streaming giant be able to keep its subscribers and even attract a few new gamers? Tell us what you think about this development in the comment section.

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