Is Prince Harry Trying To Connect with Kate Middleton While She Rejected Meghan Markle’s Request?

Is Prince Harry Trying To Connect with Kate Middleton While She Rejected Meghan Markle’s Request?

Prince Harry’s Spare has sent a bundle of nerves down the Royals. However, an interesting plot twist has come up in recent times. The book, which was said to call out all the senior royals of the family, had reportedly become a source of agitation and distress for the Prince. Owing to the same, Harry has allegedly reached out to one eminent Royal Family member to help him overcome the situation. 

Everyone is aware of the strained relationship between the Windsors. And in times like this, it came as an unprecedented link between the Duke and the Princess. Reports have it that Prince Harry is currently seeking help from his sister-in-law despite the ongoing tensions with his brother. What is it about? And how has Harry asked for it, if at all he has?

What help did Prince Harry ask Kate Middleton for?

As reported by trusted sources, The Duke has pleaded with Kate Middleton for something serious. He has asked The Princess to help him settle the dispute within the family ahead of his upcoming memoir, Spare. He thinks the only way to reconcile with his father and brother, Williams, is through Kate Middleton. Following the memoir, it is being heard that there is a Netflix Docuseries coming up at the Royals.  

Though the contents of the same are unknown, news channels, royal experts, and their speculations have predicted it to be something akin to the memoir, exposing the monarch and his deeds. Albeit, Harry’s executive editor who was vested with the job of curating the book has said it is not going to be as devastating as we all thought it would be.

Everyone was of the opinion that Harry would crudely call out his wrongdoers openly in the eyes of the public. Rather, he is to touch a more sympathetic nerve and lay down the struggles of everyone who went through the treacherous 90s. 

Speaking of Kate Middleton, news results of Harry’s request have not shown up yet. However, the Princess has reportedly turned down Meghan Markle’s special request to appear in her podcast. Given her husband’s issues with the couple and a rush for upcoming events, it remains to be seen whether Middleton agrees to help the sidelined brother-in-law or not. 

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Do you think The Princess of Wales will help the Duke?

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