Is One Piece Netflix’s Biggest Live Action Adaptation Test?

Is One Piece Netflix’s Biggest Live Action Adaptation Test?

Live-action adaptations of anime are one of the most popular storytelling formats around the world right now. They are thrilling, exciting, and a lot of fun to watch. This genre enjoys a massive fan following worldwide. Owing to the popularity the genre enjoys, various streaming giants, including Netflix, dabble in the anime genre. And previously, Netflix announced the live adaptation of the popular anime series One Piece. However, One piece was one of its most ambitious anime projects until recently.

One Piece is a massively popular anime series and enjoys a vast history. It is one of the longest running anime series with almost thousand episodes. And bringing such an immensely famous anime into live action form is surely a challenging task for the streamer. But what if we tell you that One piece is not Netflix’s biggest adaptation test?

If not One Piece, what will be the biggest live action adaptation challenge for Netflix?

Bringing a huge anime series like One Piece in live action form surely requires a lot of efforts and care to deliver perfectly. However, even though One Piece would not be an easy task for Netflix, My Hero Academia is the streamer’s biggest challenge. Not long ago, Variety announced the news of Netflix bagging the rights for a live action film of My Hero Academia. Even though both these projects need to be dealt with utmost sincerity, there is one factor that makes My Hero Academia a tougher nut to crack.

The live-action adaptation of One Piece is most likely to span over multiple seasons. So the streamer can easily explore all the elements of the story while staying authentic to the source material. However, My Hero Academia, on the other hand, is said to be a feature film. Thus, the streamer has to do justice to all the characters and elements of the source material, that too in a shorter time span.

The adaptation of both these manga titles surely hints towards a huge potential avenue for the anime genre in the near future. Previously, the streamer even announced the adaptation of a fan favorite Webtoon animation, Lookism.

What’s the latest update on My Hero Academia Netflix adaptation?

Rumors of fan favorite manga title My Hero Academia making its way to Netflix first started making the rounds back in August 2022. Alice in Borderland fame Shinsuke Sato is likely to be the front runner for the upcoming adaptation. Meanwhile, Legendary Entertainment’s Mary Parent and Alex Garcia will produce the movie. However, as of late we do not have any updates about the cast or release date of the film.

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