“Didn’t want ya’ll to miss out” – Emily Rudd Answers the One Question That Fans of ‘One Piece’ Want to Ask Ahead of Its TV Adaptation

“Didn’t want ya’ll to miss out” – Emily Rudd Answers the One Question That Fans of ‘One Piece’ Want to Ask Ahead of Its TV Adaptation

One Piece is finally coming to Netflix in the form of a live-action series. Animes are one category that the OTT giant is really exploring. Not just them, Ninja Turtles, Archies, and Tin Tin are examples of successful adaptations of comics and animations that have been successful in the past.

Not to forget, they help continue the legacy of these creations through time. But turning a cartoon into a series is no easy task; it definitely comes with its own challenges. So when the news of the live-action series made rounds, fans had many questions. One of these questions was for Emily Rudd.

Emily Rudd of One Piece answers a curious question about her shoes

Creating an already successful series is a lot of pressure since the expectations are high as well. So when the news of One Piece being made into a live-action series broke, fans were excited, but also curious. As per Comicbook, actress Emily Rudd was asked a question about the poster that Netflix released to tease fans. The question was about the shoes that Luffy was wearing in the poster. The original anime has the character wearing sandals instead. While creators usually try to remain as true to the original source as possible, Rudd explained the reason behind the difference. She stated, “Sandals unfortunately are not the safest footwear to do stunt work in.”

The casting team tried and did their own stunts as much as possible, but that meant having to look after the safety issue as well. Wearing shoes allowed them to do more amazing stunts independently. The series is already adventurous and demands justice by exact recreation as much as possible. What helps is the direct involvement of its maker Eiichiro Oda in the show’s making, which wasn’t the case with Cowboy Bebop, leading to its creator being disappointed in the live adaptation.

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The series will also cast Mackenyu, Colton Osorio, Jacob Gibson, and others, along with Rudd. She will play the role of Nami the navigator. No release date for the anime has been fixed yet, but the team is said to have been working on it for a long. It remains to be seen whether fans adore the live-action series the way they loved the anime.

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