Is Meghan Markle Using Prince Harry as a Shield? Royal Expert Labels “her hiding” a PR Strategy

Is Meghan Markle Using Prince Harry as a Shield? Royal Expert Labels “her hiding” a PR Strategy

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle launched their back-to-back anti-Royal Family projects, Prince Harry alone has been the face of it all. Although the record-breaking Netflix Docuseries had both the Duke and Duchess all over the place, it is Prince Harry taking the bullets so far. Following the Netflix bombshell, the tell-all memoir entirely had the Duke on the front pages. As if now, his wife, Meghan Markle has taken a back seat or so experts say. 

As it is, the Royal Commentators are agitated over the entire ‘Harry and Meghan’ row. The latest controversies lingering over their attendance at the King’s Coronation have also been a huge fiasco in the entire Kingdom. While the Monarch is all bent to get things running smoothly, Experts fear another drama awaits the palace. All of it is on the Duchess as she has not made a public appearance even once throughout the whole docuseries and memoir fiasco.

Expert believes Meghan Markle is using Prince Harry to stay away from criticism 

Flaming the fire, Royal Commentator Kinsey Schofield sat down for an interview with Talk TV host Cristo Foufas. Expressing her angst over the estranged couple, Schofield said, “Meghan is not in hiding. This is a PR Strategy.The Daily Mail had it as the front headline. She believes that the entire fiasco is a pre-planned program by the couple. The Duchess is this laying low to allow Prince Harry to brand himself separately. Speaking of the memoir and all its advertisements, she thinks Markle is not at all ashamed of the tensions that it has ignited. 

I think her sticky little fingers are all over the book,” the Expert said as she shunned the Duchess for everything that had been taking place. Labeling the book as ‘toxic’ Kinsey Schofield claims that Prince Harry’s wife has sat this one out but is not getting herself into the limelight. This is apparently to not look like a “puppet master” as the Royal expert calls her. Citing the Kate and Meghan feud over the wedding dress, Schofield claimed that it was the Duchess whose texts were talked about. 

Hence she has a major hand in mapping the whole book for the public, says the expert. However, certain facts claimed by the expert hold true. It is to note that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has not made a single appearance ever since Docuseries hit our screens. She also had no words on the memoir release that has recently shifted the entire dynamics of the already strained relationships within the family. 

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