Is Meghan Markle Using Archie To ‘gain big bucks’ in Show Biz? Royal Experts Comment

Is Meghan Markle Using Archie To ‘gain big bucks’ in Show Biz? Royal Experts Comment

Lately, through various publications and media outlets, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s children have come into a lot of limelight. Meghan’s recent Variety interview has sparked quite an interest among the audience to know more about Baby Archie. Regarding the same, a royal expert has once again come up with his opinionated comments. Did you know what the new charge is that Meghan and Harry are accused of?

Upon much introspection, famous Royal Family maestro Neil Sean has recently published his take on the matter. The Sussexes are once again brought under the saw for doing something that appeared unideal to Sean. Here is what he said. 

Neil Sean comments on Meghan Markle and her kids-involving-business

According to sources, Royal correspondent Neil Sean has accused Meghan Markle and Prince Harry about slowly getting their children into show business. Taking to YouTube the other day, Sean revealed that “they have been advised to be warmer”. “The brand new team that is advising Harry and Meghan is suggesting that they have to reveal more and more of themselves“. 

However, that was not all of it. Sean in the video continued to elaborate on his statements. As per his words, The Sussexes are utilizing their kids to start an “at-home spread” for more cash. Although Meghan and Harry have had no intentions ever, Sean is under the notion it is merely a publicity stunt. Further, he remarked on how the nature of this attempt strikingly contradicts their need for private life. 

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For context, Meghan Markle had recently talked at a stretch about her son Archie Harrison who is turning four next year. Although she was just a mother overwhelmingly sharing about her kid’s favorite, it ignited another war of words among the royals reporters. In addition to that, her latest relaxing yet dead stylish jumpsuit which came in complementary to her emerald pendant has been the talk of the town. 

Ever since Markle walked down the streets of Montecito, publications have reported about her tribute to her son through the Emerald stone. This has further added to the aforementioned allegations made by Neil Sean. 

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