“And I’ve become that mom” – Meghan Markle Reveals How She Is Like Every Mother on This Planet

“And I’ve become that mom” – Meghan Markle Reveals How She Is Like Every Mother on This Planet

Meghan Markle and her recent interview with Variety brought to us a deeper insight into the life of the Duke and Duchess. The way they work together, grieving Queen’s demise, giving up on Royalty, and even about her return to Hollywood, she said it all. In between some serious fact revelations in the lengthy interview, the former American actress gave us a few sweet memories with her kids that she cherished. 

She touched on some points on motherhood and parenting that every mother on this planet could relate to. Keeping work and children has become difficult for young parents in their work-from-home profession. However, they are still at peace with their kids in a whole different country. Here is what Meghan said about her evolving into a mother she had only heard of.

Meghan Markle shares how she has gotten habituated to baby Archie’s songs

Talking about Archie’s daily routine, Meghan revealed how her habits have synched with her son’s. She reportedly shared Archie’s favorite songs, which were some cartoons and rhymes that they vibe to. “StoryBots is fantastic, it’s such a great educational programming for kids,” remarked the Duchess. However, jamming along with her son has gotten her addicted. This has gone so far that Meghan now finds herself humming to them out of nowhere.

Narrating an instance of the same, she said, “I’ve become that mom where I’m sitting…and I’m singing, ‘Tyrannosaurus’( a chorus of the TV show)”. She herself gets appalled when she randomly starts singing one of her kid’s favorites. She further continues in amazement to express how she is no longer singing Beyoncé but Storybots from a cartoon TV show. 

The post-covid era has unlocked new opportunities for young couples to cope with workload and children uniformly. They share a home office together and work on their various projects with, of course, handling Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1. In an interview, they revealed how chaotic it gets sometimes, nevertheless; they set their kids right. 

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How many mothers out there would relate to what Meghan affirmed? Isn’t it the same in your homes? Share your stories below. 

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