Is Meghan Markle Deliberately Using “headline bait” Because of “need to deliver” on Spotify Deal?

Is Meghan Markle Deliberately Using “headline bait” Because of “need to deliver” on Spotify Deal?

Since the release of her Spotify podcast Archetypes in August 2022, Meghan Markle has managed to trigger the royal experts and crown servants in one way or the other. In the nine episodes of the show so far, Markle has hosted some notable women sports players, comedians, actors, and businesswomen to speak about the troops and labels that pull women back.

Recently, the Duchess came up with the ninth episode titled To B or not to B? With Mellody Hobson and Victoria Jackson. The show came under scrutiny as Meghan Markle discussed the term “difficult”. She mentioned that people call a woman difficult only because she knows how to speak for themselves and is clear about her ambitions. Notably, during her stint as a working royal, Markle was given the nickname, Duchess Difficult by the monarchists.

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Daniela Elser slams Meghan Markle for bringing up the past

Royal expert Daniela Elser believes that Meghan Markle deliberately talks about her past with the royal family to gain more views on her Spotify podcast. Elser thinks that the discussion about the term difficult was not necessary and Markle is just using clickbait headlines. 

“Given that she and Harry signed a reported $38 million deal with Spotify back in 2020 they need to deliver and some headline bait strewn about the place, either on purpose or not, must surely only help,” the royal expert wrote for the News.

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Further, Daniela Elser questioned why it is difficult for Meghan Markle to move ahead, leaving behind the stories of her stay in Windsor Castle. She added that the Suits alum’s podcast is peppered with references to her palace past, which contradicts Markle’s statements about finding freedom and living a happy life. 

Archetypes podcast is doing quite well in terms of ratings and reviews. The show ruled the charts for the first two weeks. Meanwhile, Markle recently received a massive boost as her podcast is nominated in the category of Best Pop Podcast 2022 by the People’s Choice Awards

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