Is Henry Cavill’s Superman Returning To Only Fight Black Adam?

Is Henry Cavill’s Superman Returning To Only Fight Black Adam?

In recent times, the DC extended universe has been going through a rough patch. With no big releases over the course of the past few months and Zack Snyder leaving, the franchise is having a tough time. However, it seems like there is some good news for the DC fandom. Firstly, one of the most sought-after actors from the industry, AKA Dwayne Johnson, is all set to make his DC debut in the upcoming film Black Adam. While it is undoubtedly good news for both the DC universe and the fans, there is another exciting update. If rumors are to be believed, Henry Cavill might be making his much-anticipated comeback as Superman with Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson, making his DC debut, has been creating buzz for quite some time now. The Red Notice actor, who is also the producer of the film, has repeatedly teased Cavill’s return in Black Adam. While Cavill returning in Kryptonian suit is a massive affair, as it has been a while since we last saw the Man of Steel on-screen, there rises an important question. Is Superman only returning to fight Black Adam?

Henry Cavill to fight Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam?

Previously, Henry Cavill donned his Superman suit in the 2021 film, Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Since then various gossips of Cavill leaving DCEU have been making the strides. Adding fuel to the fire, Dwayne Johnson teased the DC fandom that Cavill will return to DCEU. Recently, during the Black Adam press tour, Dwayne’s comments strongly hinted that Cavill will return to the franchise.

When asked if the fans will ever get a chance to witness Superman vs. Black Adam, the WWE star, revealed, “Absolutely. That is the whole point of this man.” Hearing Johnson’s answer makes rumors of Cavill’s return to DCEU more convincing. Dwayne concluded with a little teaser for the fans, saying, “We’ve all been fighting for this moment, so I will say this: Welcome home.”

While what Dwayne said is surely good news for the fandom, Superman’s return should be a grand affair. However, a cameo scene is still a good way to start with.

How excited are the fans?

Johnson’s recent comments on Superman have ignited excitement and cheer in the hearts of the DC fandom. Shortly after Dwayne Johnson teased Cavill’s return, fans took to Twitter to express their joy.

For now, Black Adam is all set to release on 20 October. So let us all get ready for one of the most awaited comebacks in the history of DCEU.

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