Is Eminem the Rap God? The Internet Reignited the GOAT Debate to See if Its Fact or Fiction

Is Eminem the Rap God? The Internet Reignited the GOAT Debate to See if Its Fact or Fiction

Is Eminem the God of Rap? The rapper is undoubtedly one of the most successful ones in the industry. In fact, the movie 8 Miles is based on him, wherein Eminem acted as himself. It told the lifestyle of the rapper, coming from a broken home to becoming a multi-millionaire artist. The song Rap God is considered to be one of the fastest songs ever.

Now, a good rapper is judged by anything from his performing abilities to his rapping speed, as well as the meaning behind the lyrics. So when a site page asked whether Eminem was the best rapper, the internet broke into a debate. With some agreeing while others comparing him with other rappers.

What did fans have to say about Eminem being the best rapper?

What makes a rapper the best one? Fans had their own opinions about it all. A post on Twitter by, RapTv posted Eminem’s photo with the caption, “Fact or fiction: Eminem is the best rapper alive!!” Some fans agreed and considered it to be a fact, crediting the rapper’s flow and versatile delivery. He certainly broke the barriers and found fame around the world by becoming one of the first white rappers in the industry. At the same time, another fan backed it with the point that Eminem has his music spread through generations, despite being in his 50s.

On the other hand, two fans were debating about whether Kanye West is better than Eminem. While the lyrics of the rap are also of great importance when judging the best rapper. With some expected memes in the comments, one claimed that the Breaking Bad character Walter White is the best rapper.

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Eminem has a large list of accolades in his name, winning dozens of Grammy’s and other music awards. As per AllHipHop, Tierra Whack even caused some commotion recently online when she declared on Twitter that Eminem is the best rapper ever. With new artists coming up every year, the old-school ones are definitely commended for surviving through the decades. Although he has made it to the list of one of the greatest rappers, whether he is number one or not is a debatable question.

Do you think Eminem is the best rapper of all time? Comment your thoughts.


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