‘8 Mile’ Gets an Upgrade to a TV Series by 50 Cent, Eminem Onboard to Help

‘8 Mile’ Gets an Upgrade to a TV Series by 50 Cent, Eminem Onboard to Help

The newer generation may be more familiar with Cardi B, Post Malone, Drake, and Kanye West’s works. But many would agree that the one man that pushed the genre and created the path for the newer hip-hop artists to walk on was none other than Eminem. And 50 Cent wants the new generation to know that.  

2002 was a significant year for the hip-hop community and Eminem especially. He released the famous underdog rapper story 8 Mile, which resonated with many struggling artists. The movie was semi auto-biographical in nature and is considered a legacy now. Twenty-three years later, the movie is finally moving to a TV screen.

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50 Cent wants the newer generation to understand the legacy of Eminem 

Recently 50 Cent guested on BigBoyTV on YouTube, where he disclosed that he was working on a TV adaptation of 8 Mile. In fact, Eminem himself is engaged in the project, ensuring that the project takes off well.  “I’m gonna bring his 8 Mile to television. It’s gonna be big,” he revealed.

The 47-year-old had quite the success on TV. He had a long-running program, Power on Starz, which further churned several spin-offs. His ABC legal drama For Life continued for two full seasons!  Eminem, originally born Marshall Mathers, won an Academy Award in 2003 for the film’s soundtrack.

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However, the 50-year-old skipped the event entirely. He would return to the Academy Awards 18 years later in 2020 to perform the award-winning anthem Lose YourselfThe show is supposed to give viewers a glimpse into the Academy Award-winning rappers’ younger years.

It would acquaint the younger audience with the legacy of the rapper. It’s a legacy that should stay and be understood.  The Detroit rapper recently entered a rap battle with Spider-Man for the limited edition cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #1. As for 50 Cent, he showed off his hosting skills on The Drew Barrymore show when Drew was recovering from Covid in November.

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Are you excited about the 8 Mile TV show?

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