Is Billie Eilish Dating Jesse Rutherford?

Is Billie Eilish Dating Jesse Rutherford?

Billie Eilish is a pop icon all around the world and this is a well-known fact. At just the age of fourteen, she climbed the top of the Billboard charts with her song Ocean Eyes and has not looked down once ever since. Now at the age of twenty, Eilish has earned seven Grammy Music awards and one shining Academy award as well. In the midst of managing an award-winning global music career, she has still managed to find the time to date. But who is Billie Eilish dating? Is she actually dating Jesse Rutherford or is it just the rumor mill churning out new rumors again?

Are Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford dating?

In the social media-crazed world we live in, there are certain standards set for celebrity couples to declare whether they are officially dating or not. And according to these standards, Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford are just getting to know each other. The pair were seen sweetly holding hands and walking next to each other. However, neither party has accepted or denied this rumor. But the Ocean Eyes singer has always been a reserved person when it comes to sharing details about her love life.

The only time that she has officially and willingly talked about her love life was during her documentary titled The World’s A Little Blurry. The twenty-year-old singer talked about dating Brandon Quintin Adams in the past and also opened up about breaking up with him in less than a year. Later, in April 2021, the Grammy Music Award-winning singer was spotted with Mathew Tyler Vorce.

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But with no confirmation and Mathew’s disappearance from Billie Eilish’s side, it was clear that the couple had broken up. Fast forward to now and Eilish is seen walking hand-in-hand with Jesse Rutherford.

The two have been spotted on a couple of outings together. For those of you who do not know, Jesse Rutherford is an all-rounder: He can write, sing, and also act. He is also the lead singer of The Neighborhood, which is a gem of a rock band. He is most popularly known for writing Sweater Weather, which reached Platinum in 2020. And if we were Billie Eilish’s grandmother, we would give the singer a pat on the back. But here comes the catch: Jesse Rutherford is 31 years old, meaning they have an eleven-year-long age gap.

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