“I’m very excited for him” – Amy Adams Comments on Henry Cavill Returning As Superman and Her Possible Comeback

“I’m very excited for him” – Amy Adams Comments on Henry Cavill Returning As Superman and Her Possible Comeback

Will Henry Cavill return as Superman? Will we ever get to witness Cavill in the Kryptonian suit again? Is a new actor taking Cavill’s place? Recently, the audience got the answers to all their questions as the British actor donned his Superman suit for the Dwayne Johnson starrer Black Adam. After years, Cavill finally made his comeback as Superman, and fans can’t help but be thrilled about it. Furthermore, Cavill’s return has opened up a  plethora of directions for the DC Extended Universe to head towards. And, the DC fandom might finally get a sequel to the Man Of Steel.

If Man of Steel 2 is in consideration, there is another character from the DCEU apart from Cavill who cannot be ignored. Lois Lane is another very prominent character and almost all comic book fans are aware of the rich history of Lane. In 2013, when the Man Of Steel first came out we saw Amy Adams portray the character of Lois Lane opposite Henry Cavill. And since Cavill has made his much-awaited comeback as the Son Of Krypton, will Amy Adams reprise her role as well? Let us find out.

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Will Amy Adams reprise her role following the return of Henry Cavill as Superman?

In recent times, ever since the release of Black Adam, everyone can’t help but talk about Henry Cavill’s return. Furthermore, since Cavill has finally returned to the DCEU, Man Of Steel 2 might not be far away. Recently in a conversation with Variety, Amy Adams revealed how she felt about Cavill’s return. The actress revealed, “I’m very excited for him. He is such a wonderful Superman.

When asked if Lois would return in the future films and whether or not she wants to return, Adams revealed the studio has not spoken to her about it. In response to whether or not she wanted to return she spoke, “If its me great. If it is somebody else, the role of Lois has been played by so many wonderful actresses in the past so I’ll support whatever direction they go.

How are the fans reacting to the news?

Following Adams statement on whether she will return as Lois Lane, several tweets from her fans followed. It seems like the fans eagerly want to see Adams make her comeback. Here are a few tweets from the fans:

Did you like Amy Adams as Lois Lane? Do you think she will return? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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