“I’m really lucky to have her” – When Sadie Sink Wholeheartedly Appreciated Her ‘Stranger Things’ Co-star Maya Hawke

“I’m really lucky to have her” – When Sadie Sink Wholeheartedly Appreciated Her ‘Stranger Things’ Co-star Maya Hawke

Apart from the mind-bending storytelling and the cutting-edge VFX, Netflix’s flagship, Stranger Things has also granted us a treasure trove of talent. We are, of course, talking about the brilliantly masterful actors of the sci-fi show. The impeccable on-screen chemistry they share with one another is a true testament to their acting prowess and off-screen comaraderie. While the entire cast seems to be close, the friendships between Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp as well as Sadie Sink and Maya Hawke absolutely stand out.

The pairs even took a heartwarming friendship test that made the fans love them even more. While there is so much out there revolving around Millie and Noah, the beautiful bond that Sadie Sink and Maya Hawke share often goes unnoticed. About a year ago, Sink opened up about how much Hawke means to her in the most touching way possible.

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Sadie Sink expressed her adoration for Maya Hawke

In July 2021, Sadie Sink did a candid ‘Ask Me Anything’ with Elle UK. Apart from discussing her projects, Stranger Things and Fear Streat, the young actor even answered some personal questions. When asked to “name three people who inspire” her, she mentioned her brother, her younger sister, and her dear friend Maya Hawke. 

The Dear Zoe star didn’t hold back while appreciating Hawke, whom she holds in very high regard. “She is just such a hard worker and I really admire that in her,” shared Sadie. The Whale actress even spoke about the infectious “positive energy” that Hawke gives off. “I’m really lucky to have her,” concluded Sink.

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Both Sadie and Maya joined the Netflix fantasy series after the well-received first season. While Sink joined the cast in season 2 as the cool skater girl Max Mayfield, Hawke came in season 3 as the ditzy yet lovable Robin Buckley. Granted, the two actresses haven’t shared a major scene together in the Netflix show yet, but their off-screen bond is definitely one to write home about.

Well, with one more season in the making, perhaps we will see this off-screen bond make its way on our screens as well. What do you think of Sadie Sink and Maya Hawke’s endearing friendship? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, you can check out the rest of Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.





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