“I’m proud of myself for that”- Julia Fox makes an astounding revelation about breaking up with Kanye West

“I’m proud of myself for that”- Julia Fox makes an astounding revelation about breaking up with Kanye West

Relationships are easy to enter but hard to build as people have to face all kinds of phases together to accomplish it. While many give their best to it or some even fail to survive the turbulent times. Julia Fox who is an Italian-American actress and model known for her debut role in Uncut Gems once dated Kenya West. An influential rapper, record producer, and fashion designer who gained recognition through music. However, the actress noticed all the red flags in a very short time of her relationship with the American rapper. Later, she made an astounding revelation about breaking up with Kanye West that might give you an important message to people. 

Julia Fox didn’t want to invest her energy and love in an unpredictable relationship with Kanye West

According to a report given by News18, Julia Fox revealed the reason behind her break-up with Kanye West. The actress said that she felt “proud” of herself to end the half-loved relationship with her famous boyfriend. Fans got the news about their separation in February 2022 only after being for two months of the relationship.

Fox opened up about how Kanye West still desired to mend things with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. She stated her ex-boyfriend had so many unsettled issues that needed to be taken care of. So she didn’t have time or energy for people who cannot make her feel fully loved.

“I don’t have the bandwidth or emotional capacity for it. I’m proud of myself for that.”  

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Moreover, the actress compared this relationship with her past life when she was with Ye. She stated that she couldn’t balance Ye’s fast lifestyle after becoming a mother. Moving forward Fox disclosed that she lost 15 pounds during the month she was dating Ye.

Meanwhile, the actress also posted on Instagram that she might have loved him in some way but was “not in love with him”. The post was later deleted but it was reshared on Pop Crave’s Twitter account if you wanna take a look.

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However, Kanye West started dating Chaney Jones when they told people about the separation. But this relationship was also fleeting as Kanye and Jones broke up five months after they were first seen in Miami. What do you think about the decision Julia Fox took for her peace and energy? Leave your comments below!

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