“I’ll be Twelve” Did Megan Thee Stallion Just Fawn Over Millie Bobby Brown and ‘Stranger Things’?

“I’ll be Twelve” Did Megan Thee Stallion Just Fawn Over Millie Bobby Brown and ‘Stranger Things’?

Who knew a Netflix show that starts with a bunch of kids playing Dungeons and Dragons will be a massive pop culture phenomenon? Well, that is the power of the giant fan following of Stranger Things. Not just the audience, but even major celebrities have come out and expressed their love for the actors and the fantasy show itself. One such superfan of the Netflix flagship is the American rapper, Megan Thee Stallion. She is especially in awe of Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the telekinetic teenager Eleven on the show.

Unsurprisingly, Millie Bobby Brown is also a huge fan of the Savage artist. In fact, the 18-year-old actress could not believe her ears when she found out that Megan Thee Stallion publicly appreciated her and Stranger Things. The Kitty Kar singer has even expressed her desire to appear on the show alongside Brown. Let us find out how it all went down.

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Meghan Thee Stallion wishes to work alongside Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things

It all started on November 6, 1983. That fateful and tragic day was when Will Byers disappeared. The game of Dungeons and Dragons came alive and wreaked havoc in the quaint little town of Hawkins. To commemorate the success of the show, every year on November 6 we celebrate “Stranger Things Day”. While acknowledging her super fandom, Netflix actually invited Megan Thee Stallion to appear in a Trivia Video on “Stranger Things Day 2022“.

This news sent Millie Bobby Brown into a complete frenzy. If that was not enough, the Savage rapper then reacted to Brown gushing over her. As a treat for the audience, Netflix released the Cognac Queen’s reaction video on 11/11 as a nod to Brown’s character Eleven. The video clip starts with the Enola Holmes star completely losing her mind as she comes to terms with Megan Thee Stallion being a Stranger Things fan. 

Megan Thee Stallion! Are you kidding me? She’s a superfan? Has she said that? Publicly?… She’s WAP-ing to Stranger Things? I am dead right now,” cried out a flustered Brown.

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Her demeanor going from disbelief to ecstasy is absolutely heartwarming and entertaining to watch. In fact, even the Pressurelicious rapper can be seen fangirling over the Godzilla vs Kong actress. Addressing Brown directly, the rapper exclaimed,

My mind is blown. I literally love Stranger Things… I wanna be in Stranger Things because you are Stranger Things. At this point, just like, take me in the show. Or make me Eleven’s best friend. I’ll be Twelve.

Can you imagine Millie Bobby Brown’s reaction to Megan’s final line? It will be absolute gold. If the showrunners were to actually integrate Megan The Stallion in the show as Twelve, how do you think it would play out? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, watch Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.


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