“If I talk anymore, I’ll start crying,” Rick and Morty Creator Opens Up on the Horrors of Season 5

“If I talk anymore, I’ll start crying,” Rick and Morty Creator Opens Up on the Horrors of Season 5

Rick and Morty has made its mark on the history of animation. After all, the great show is renowned as one of the most popular comedies on television, and millions of people have grown to appreciate its outrageous appeal. Fans may appreciate Justin Roiland for helping bring the series to life, which contributed to its popularity. And most recently, the co-creator stated that the entire team struggled with Season 5 last year.

Let us see what the Emmy Award-winning show creator had to say.

Rick and Morty season 5 was the toughest for Justin Roiland and the team

The conversation was facilitated by IGN, which chatted with Roiland during the San Diego Comic-Con. During their conversation, the producer confessed that Rick and Morty season five was strange since it was the team’s first after a heartbreaking loss.

“Season 5 was a weird one. We lost [J. Michael] Mendel. It was tough we were thrown for a loop. That was… yeah. If I talk anymore, I’ll start crying,” he said.

Mendel was an important member of the show’s staff for those unfamiliar with the name. The line producer controlled the majority of Rick and Morty‘s scripts. Therefore, his untimely death in 2019 shocked the whole cast. Mendel’s work on series such as The Simpsons and Solar Opposites gave him a sharp wit that fans adored, and Roiland openly lamented the producer’s death alongside fans years ago.

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That might be why season 5 had mixed reviews

Season five has to have been challenging for the production staff. When the current season of Rick and Morty premiered, viewers had varied feelings. Roiland, on the other hand, is now assuring supporters that the squad is back on track with season six. According to recent sources, Adult Swim will premiere the show’s sixth season in September, and the team is already working on future Rick and Morty seasons behind the scenes.

Did you guys like the fifth season of the show? Also, what are your expectations for the sixth season? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below.

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