“I wish I could spoil it” – Millie Bobby Brown on Viral ‘Stranger Things’ 5 Theory

“I wish I could spoil it” – Millie Bobby Brown on Viral ‘Stranger Things’ 5 Theory

Millie Bobby Brown does not want to be tagged as a spoiler. The Stranger Things actress who plays Eleven in the sci-fi series claims that she is no different from fans. She remains as clueless as them regarding any speculations of how the much anticipated season 5 will end.

Along with the character development, Brown grew up on the sets of the show throughout its seasons. She is known for her fierce and confident, outspoken personality, often engaged with fans on social media. But when she heard of certain fan theories, she expressed her reactions.

Millie Bobby Brown on her knowledge of the Stranger Things finale

The Enola Holmes actress took a break from the promotion of her new film to touch on the topic of fan theories as everyone awaits the release of Stranger Things Season 5. Fan theories about the possible ending, character comebacks and deaths keep popping up. There was one about Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), who died at the end of the last season, being brought back in the next season, only to reveal that it is Vecna.

“I mean, it’s a good fan theory,” said Brown, referring to the Eddie theory. Meanwhile, Matthew Modine, who played her ‘father’ and evil scientist Dr. Brenner, had dropped hints of the Duffer brothers bringing him back.

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Although the makers of the show do not want actors spoiling the suspense either, Millie Bobby Brown gives a lot of interviews and gets a lot of questions. While she is smart, the talkative bubbly actress is aware of herself being a risk (revealing the suspense). So to give everyone an assurance, she said, “Oh no, I wish I could spoil it for you, I don’t know anything.’”

There are endless possibilities as to what could happen next for the characters. No date for the first part of the final season has been announced yet. But when it does release, it will probably break some records. Until then, the makers have a big responsibility to keep things in hiding. We will see a more evolved Eleven in the final chapter.

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