Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How Letting THIS ‘Stranger Things’ Co-star Go Was “really hard”

Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How Letting THIS ‘Stranger Things’ Co-star Go Was “really hard”

Despite being a show, majorly revolving around kids, Stranger Things never held back on the gruesome visuals. From gratuitous violence to a macabre series of murders, the series has no shortage of gut-wrenching moments. Even as audience members, the on-screen deaths of our favorite characters had us sobbing in bed. We cannot even imagine what actors like Millie Bobby Brown felt while filming those scenes.

Recently, the teen actress opened up about how she felt while bidding adieu to her fellow characters. Even though it became commonplace as the series progressed, the Enola Homes star found it particularly difficult to deal with a few of the distressing deaths in the show.

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Millie Bobby Brown took a while to get over these Stranger Things deaths

On October 30, Millie Bobby Brown had an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight. Basking in the glory of the Enola Holmes 2 premiere, the 18-year-old actor even spoke about her massive Netflix show. From fan theories to on-screen deaths, the conversation got a little emotional along the way.

When asked about her take on bidding farewell to her friends and costars, she specifically mentioned two characters whose deaths majorly affected her. “Yeah, it sucks sometimes. I loved Billy. I loved Dacre Montgomery, who was killed off in season 3,” shared Brown. She even illustrated how it was “really hard,” to let go of him.

Billy joined the fantasy series in season 2 as Max’s (Sadie Sink) older brother. Introduced as a major bully, his arc went from scary and despicable to misunderstood. As soon as he redeemed himself, he was killed.

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Another death that took a toll on the Godzilla vs Kong star was that of Dr. Martin Brenner, AKA Papa.

“I had a really good relationship with Papa. I had a really good relationship with Matthew, and to let him go was really hard,” said Brown.

A part of Stranger Things since season 1, Papa was certainly not a heroic character. Granted, he was as manipulative as they come, but he also had layered characteristics. Matthew Modine’s impeccable and nuanced performance made him a fan favorite and his death made all of us a little sad.

Which deaths from Stranger Things affected you the most? Let us know in the comments. Since there is still a long way to go for season 5, you can rewatch the first four seasons streaming on Netflix.

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