“I was NOT prepared for their feedback” – What Will Smith’s Friends and Family Said About His Memoir Pre-release

“I was NOT prepared for their feedback” – What Will Smith’s Friends and Family Said About His Memoir Pre-release

Hollywood A-lister Will Smith AKA King Richard released his memoir named Will last year in the month of November. The actor-rapper did the captivation aspect of his book extremely well with the help of multi-million bestseller Mark Manson. Apart from being flawless on-screen, this book brought out the excellent imaginative storyteller that Smith is. He goes into each of his characters in different phases of his life and connects the dots between success, happiness, and the human connection.

The book, Will, gained such acclaim that it became a number 1 bestseller at a point in time. It served as a huge source of inspiration for people across the globe. Along with readers worldwide, his friends also had some prime takeaways from his book.

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Will Smith held a seven-day Book Camp for reviewing his book by his expert friends

Six months prior to the official release of the book, Will Smith got together a bunch of eminent writers around the table for a gathering called the ‘book camp. On Day 1 of the camp, they started with Michaela Boehm, an author who kept the first opinion on the table. According to her, the book threw light on Smith’s entire mechanism and “essentially revealed the entire motivation around what people know about Will Smith

She was followed by Jay Shetty, a former Hindu monk and English author who put himself in the shoes of the reader. He spoke about the level at which the book was relatable to all of them. This was one of the most important chords that Smith had hit a bit too perfectly. Next was Janauda Petrus-Nasan, who emphasized the way it urges the readers to take a risk. By which she meant the book made us trust a dreamer, like them, no matter how hard or risky it gets along the way.

What more did the book have to say?

Will’s brother, Harry Smith, also pitched in his own thoughts about the book. He affirmed he came to know more about his brother through the book than he ever did in real life. He acknowledged the struggles that the elders have to go through in a humorous way since he has been shielded from it all. Jana Babatunde, a film producer, pointed out Will’s commendable stance on racism being a “black man figure” himself.

She gave her thoughts about how prominently the struggles of a black man were portrayed. Jana continued to talk about the violence that they used to fight back and survive. It exposed the superiority complex among the whites who deemed themselves the highest in the room based on race. The next sessions of the gathering soon followed, which were full of text highlights from his book that could resonate with the reader on a deeper level.

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The Book Camp went on for a week that gave a brief insight into what actually the book had to say. Based on everyone’s remark, it was quite evident and justified for the memoir to be such a hit.

Have you read the legend’s memoir yet? If yes, have you thought about it? What were the prime takeaways that you would like to share? Pitch in your ideas in the comments below.

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