Will Smith Once Revealed How His Son Felt ‘betrayed’ Because of Him

Will Smith Once Revealed How His Son Felt ‘betrayed’ Because of Him

Despite being one of the greatest actors of all time, Will Smith has still not been able to get rid of his personal life problems. Before the infamous Oscar incident, Will’s family had already taken a devastating turn with respect to his children. The King Richard star opened up about the backlash they faced after their 2013 film, which had a direct impact on his son, Jaden.

Will and Jaden, who was then 15, happened to lead side by side in a movie. Sadly, the movie did not see much fame and was instead massively criticized all over the media. Considering other problems like that of his wife’s sickness, and the backlash of his own name, his son gave him another major shock by making this request.

Will Smith was left shattered by one of the requests posed before him by son Jaden

The father-son duo led a box-office dud called After Earth. This came much unanticipated to the two-time Oscar Winner as he has coached his son himself for the said movie. Critics were absolutely vicious, and they printed things about Jaden that erorded at the young actor’s confidence. In the wake of such criticism, Jaden felt betrayed by Will, even though he never expressed it. Consequently, Jaden at 15 asked to be an emancipated minor.

“At fifteen years old, when Jaden asked about being an emancipated minor, my heart shattered. He ultimately decided against it, but it sucks to feel like you’ve hurt your kids,” wrote the actor in his autobiography, Will. According to him, his son after the hit lost trust in his leadership and felt misled. Jaden had followed everything that he said faithfully, but the results were totally disheartening. However, as they say, time heals everything.

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Will has his three kids at goodwill today. Jaden, who is now 24, daughter Willow, 21, and Trey, 30, lead a good life now. Following the recent Oscar fiasco, Jaden took to Twitter and made a controversial post confirming his support for his dad. On the other hand, Willow showed support by stating her love for her father, when asked for a comment.

Meanwhile, Jada Smith, his wife, with whom he admitted having an open marriage, also stands in solidarity with him during these times, stating that she hopes her husband and Chris Rock make amends when they are ready for it.

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