“I was more than a bit intimidated” – When Man of Steel Henry Cavill Considered Himself Puny in the Presence of Ben Affleck

“I was more than a bit intimidated” – When Man of Steel Henry Cavill Considered Himself Puny in the Presence of Ben Affleck

Henry Cavill is considered one of the most good-looking actors working in the industry today. Apart from his looks, he also boasts a stellar physique. However, the man once admitted that he felt small compared to the mountain of a man that was Ben Affleck. When Affleck was roped in as DC’s Batman, he and Cavill met for the first time on Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

It is no secret that the actor was once chubby. He had admitted so himself. But he was dedicated to losing the pounds and building the physique to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. It is hard for us to imagine him as chubby. And it’s even more ridiculous to consider that the man once felt his ego take a hit thanks to Affleck.

Ben Affleck’s ripped body pushed Henry Cavill to hit the gym 

Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill was already in good shape. In fact, he thought so too. But when he met Affleck, he realized he needed to spend more hours at the gym. “I admit I was more than a bit intimidated, and it gave me the desire to push it a bit more because Ben is really built,” he confessed.

According to Fandom Wire, The Tudors stars appreciated Affleck’s sense of humor but could not help but feel puny in his immense presence. The scene where the Caped Crusader is training to take down Superman soon went viral.

Too eager to get more jacked, the actor dedicated hours in the pain chamber. Unlike the popular belief that the star got ripped to play Superman, the Gone Girl actor drove him to lift more weights! Nevertheless, they got along well. He casually teased Batman for sleeping with Superman’s mom.

Alas, all this remains fun memories in fans’ minds since the revamp of DC and Cavill’s subsequent exit. However, good news may be in store for Affleck fans.

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Ben Affleck makes a return as Batman amidst Cavill’s exit

While the Mission Impossible star is no longer going to play Karl El, he still has a pretty impressive line-up, including Argylle and Warhammer 400. Meanwhile, Affleck, as it appears, is still the caped crusader. Fans saw a glimpse of Affleck’s Batman in the trailer for The Flash. 

But before you rejoice, Affleck’s position in DC is still uncertain. The Flash is not a part of James Gunn’s DC universe. In fact, a new actor will reportedly don the black suit for the Gods and Monsters chapter. However, there’s still hope because Gunn is looking for an older Batman.

Who do you think has a better physique? Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill?

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