“I want to make sure…” – How Sydney Sweeney Thinks of You While Making Brand Deals

“I want to make sure…” – How Sydney Sweeney Thinks of You While Making Brand Deals

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a number of young actors carving a niche out for themselves in Hollywood through incredible acting skills and performances. And the list of such young celebrities is incomplete without Sydney Sweeney. Through her performances in Euphoria and The Voyeurs, Sweeney’s popularity has skyrocketed. Owing to the popular star she is, Sweeney surely enjoys plenty of brand deals and offers. But how does the Euphoria star decide on which brands she should collaborate with?

As we all know, celebrities have a lot of influence on the lives of their fans. Every small thing a celebrity does might have a positive or a negative impact on their fans. Considering the influence that surrounds them, most of brands choose celebrities to promote their products and services. And recently, The White Lotus actress Sydney Sweeney got real about the brand deals she gets and how she chooses them.

Sydney Sweeney on getting brand deals

Time and again, we have seen Sweeney promote various brands on her Instagram. Furthermore, it seems like the actress is well aware of her influence among the masses. During her recent interview with PEOPLE, Sweeney opened up about how she is careful before entering into a deal with a brand. The Euphoria star revealed how she needs to be sure of the product’s authenticity before she promotes them.

Recently, Sweeney appeared in an interview with PEOPLE as the actress led Laneige’s Dreamy Skin Campaign. In conversation with the esteemed daily, Sweeney had a few things to say about how she chooses her brand deals. The Euphoria star spoke, “I am a huge fan of the products. I actually use them! I want to make sure that I’m being very authentic to my audience.”

This was also the second time Sweeney teamed up with the Korean Skincare company. Previously, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress also spoke about why she needed the brand deals. Sweeney revealed that her acting career alone would not be “enough” to support her lifestyle in L.A. and that she “needed” the brand deals.

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Meanwhile, the actress surely has some exciting updates for her fans. As per the latest reports, Sweeney is likely to star in an upcoming Marvel project alongside Dakota Johnson. Furthermore, the popular teenage drama Euphoria will also return for its third season. However, we don’t have a release date for now.

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