“I want to have a family….” – When Sydney Sweeney Revealed the Future Plans With Fiance Jonathan Davino

“I want to have a family….” – When Sydney Sweeney Revealed the Future Plans With Fiance Jonathan Davino

Sydney Sweeney might have accomplished two Primetime Emmy nominations at a young age, but what fascinates fans the most is her personal life, which she keeps private. And that is the reason very few people are aware that this 25-year-old is engaged. Little do they know that this small-town girl has her whole life planned ahead of her.

The Euphoria actress barely speaks about her personal life. She loves to keep it private, not just from the interviews, but from her social media too. Hence, last year, when she revealed her future plans with her fiance, Jonathan Davino, it was truly shocking.

What has Sydney Sweeney planned for her future?

The Spokane native apparently has planned something huge for her personal life. “I want to have a family, I’ve always wanted to be a young mom,” Sweeney revealed to The Hollywood Reporter in July 2022 while speaking about her future ambitions. But at the same time, she also expressed her concern about how the industry would treat her after she becomes a mother.

The 25-year-old also reflected on the reason behind her being so occupied with work all the time. The White Lotus actress said that initially, she was worried about how she would raise her children if she did not have money, which eventually led her to be a busy bee.

It was refreshing to see this young talent open up about her future family plans in a world where people change partners like clothes. But why does she not talk more often about it?

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The actual reason behind Sweeney staying mum on her relationship

The Sharp Objects star was rumored to get engaged to her obscure fiance in February 2022. However, she kept it from everyone, as she did not want to make a fuss about it. And that is also the major reason why she chose to get into a relationship with Davino. Sweeney does not date people who are always in the spotlight.

She just wants to lead her off-screen life as a normal person, which she finds easiest. The people around her are her biggest support. Hence, the actress tries to stay grounded and enjoy normalcy with normal people in her life.

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