“I still reached out”- Kim Kardashian Opens up About Her Troubled Relationship With Ex-husband Kanye West

“I still reached out”- Kim Kardashian Opens up About Her Troubled Relationship With Ex-husband Kanye West

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have not been on good terms since they separated after six years of marriage. The rapper has constantly slammed the mother of four for her private life and parenting style. He publicly expressed his disapproval of things taking place in her life even though they are not together anymore.

Whereas Kim has largely remained calm during Ye’s string of public attacks. The American socialite has always mentioned that she only wants to focus on her kids and handle everything privately. But now it seems that the 42-year-old star cannot hold things back anymore. The Kardashians star recently opened up about the troubled relationship with her estranged husband Ye.

Kim Kardashian breaks her silence on the strained relationship with Kanye West 

Kim Kardashian finally talked about the difficulties she faced when Kanye West was not on talking terms with her. During the finale of season two of The Kardashians, she revealed few details about their strained relationship. The episode opened with Kim and North traveling to Paris for Couture Fashion Week. The 9-year-old daughter of the former couple entered wearing a jacket similar to Ye’s varsity jacket.

Pointing out the jacket, the Deep in the Valley star stated that Kanye never takes care of his things. So she had to buy her daughter that jacket from an online store. The reality show actress wants to keep all that stuff safe for her kids.

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Moreover, adding to her statement she told viewers about the time when Ye was angry with her. “And he won a few Grammys and I still reached out, and was like, ‘I know you just won a few Grammys. I gotta add them to the vault,” explained the businesswoman.

Kim Kardashian has tried her best to create a healthy environment for her kids that includes their father. However, the way situations are arising recently it might be difficult for her to cope.

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What do you think about the mother of four trying to keep things normal for her kids amidst the chaos? Tell us your views in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates.

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