Kanye West Could Lose Full Custody of His Children to Kim Kardashian if He Doesn’t Do THIS

Kanye West Could Lose Full Custody of His Children to Kim Kardashian if He Doesn’t Do THIS

Kanye West could potentially lose full custody of office children. The Hip Hop artist is currently under rough divorce proceedings with socialite Kim Kardashian. After being one of the most famous couples in Hollywood, they now fight over finance and child custody in court. While Kardashian was the one to file for divorce in 2021, West has not been very responsive.

Things went south when the father of four revealed the name of his kid’s school during a social media rampage about his children, dragging the SKIMS owner into it. Despite all of it, the 42-year-old mother showed a willingness to share custody of their children. But that may not happen as Ye continues to miss the court deadlines, leaving him with one last chance.

Will his non-cooperation cost Kanye West the custody of his children?

After the West and Kardashian split, they were willing to share custody of their kids: North, Psalm, Saint, and Chicago. But as per reports, West has not been cooperating with the court proceedings and missed the latest deposition. He was supposed to be present at the deposition to be questioned by Kardashian’s lawyer on 16 November. Now he has his last chance on the 29th of November, and if he chooses to miss this chance as well, he could lose any chance of having partial custody of his children.

Legal experts like Lexie Rigden from Rigden Law LLC commented how a judge could make the rapper pay the counsel fees and, in a worse violation, could prevent him from taking the case to a trial if West does not turn up. Rachel Fiset managing partner of Zweiback, Fiset Zalduendo LLP also agreed that the Gold Digger singer’s non-cooperation could lead to him getting a smaller end of the stick, both custody-wise and financially.

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While Kim Kardashian is willing to share custody, West previously claimed that the kids stay with her 80% of the time. Meanwhile, the rapper has already changed several lawyers. It is to be seen whether he and his attorney appear on the next date now.

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