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“I make him feel really uncomfortable” Millie Bobby Brown Spills How She Annoys Her On-Screen Brother Henry Cavill on the Set of Enola Holmes 2

Fictional siblings Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill were recently seen flaunting some sparkle on Enola Holmes 2 premiere in NYC. This talented duo posed on the red carpet and fans got much adorable fun captures to cherish. As we all know both actors reunited for the sequel after two years of the debut film. Now the teenage detective is standing against her famous brother opening her agency in London. But it seems that she won’t get through the shackles of corruption and secrecy without the help of her clever brother.

The actors will be joining forces to solve the most mysterious case of this city set in the late 1800s. Will their association work against the powerful people of London? Well, you will discover that soon! But as for now, one thing is assured Brown did have a lot of fun creating this adventurous mystery drama. As the actress recently spilled how she annoyed Henry Cavill on the set of Enola Holmes 2.

Millie Bobby Brown loved teasing Henry Cavill on the set of Enola Holmes 2

Millie Bobby Brown recently sat down with Morgan Hoffman of ET Canada to talk about her character in Enola Holmes 2. During the interview, she talked about how she poked fun at her co-star Henry Cavill all the time. The 18-year-old star stated that the Man of Steel star is introverted and she is an extrovert. So she mostly teased him by singing and talking about reality dating shows she watch.

“I just tease him on my loudness and I just make him really uncomfortable which is what I am good at,” remarked the Stranger Things star.

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Moreover, she added that Cavill never shows interest in her talks so she keeps on annoying him. But this is just the beginning for her and she will use more tricks in the future. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill also said that they are actually like brother and sister as we previously got those glimpses of siblings on the set.

The actors have formed a close relationship since they have spent a lot of time together working on the film. Also, they play siblings with similar personality traits so it is inevitable to escape each other as we saw in the trailers.

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What do you think about how this chemistry of siblings will reflect in Enola Holmes 2? Share your views with us in the comment section.

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