“I felt slightly different…” – Prince Harry Breaks Down on His “Dysfunctional Family”, Speaking of the Row Between King Charles and Princess Diana

“I felt slightly different…” – Prince Harry Breaks Down on His “Dysfunctional Family”, Speaking of the Row Between King Charles and Princess Diana

More than anyone else in the House of Windsor, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry had always found it difficult to fit into the mold of British royalty. Moreover, having lost his mother to a tragic car accident did take a toll on the 12-year-old. Time and again, the estranged royal has spoken of the inseparable connection he feels with her mother, Princess Diana, to this date. In the Bombshell Netflix Docuseries and in the following tell-all memoir, as well, he spoke more highly of his mother than anyone else. This time around, his global live stream with the trauma expert too had a significant mention of his late mother and how he resonates with her on many levels.

Exploring critical topics like loss and the importance of personal healing, Prince Harry walked us through how he relates a lot to his mother. One of the primary similarities that the mother and son shared according to the Duke was not being able to fit into the rest of the imperial family of Britain. 

Princess Diana with Prince Harry, Prince William, and King Charles
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Talking about his neglected younger years, the Prince disclosed how he has always felt indifferent to his own family. “I always felt slightly different from the rest of my family, ” confessed the Duke to the world-renowned speaker across the fireplace (via People). “I felt strange being in this container, and I know that my mum felt the same,” said the Duke, remembering the tragic life and times of Princess Diana and her struggles with the royal family. 

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Tracing back to the reason behind pouring it out all in his memoir, the Prince claims that “it was all an act of service.” According to him, he was well aware of how important it was to address your issues and seek professional help for them rather than letting them sink in. “A lot of families are complicated, a lot of families are dysfunctional,” said the Duke; however, therapy was the one escape that got him out of the rabbit hole. 

Later in the virtual event, the Duke also touched upon the fights that he had witnessed between his parents.

What did Prince Harry say about King Charles and Princess Diana? 

Prince Harry further touched upon the importance of parents not having disagreements in front of children, hinting at the explosive disagreements King Charles and Princess Diana had. He believes that there were a lot of rows in front of him and that was not a good idea and hypothesized that “maybe that’s where it comes from.” He healed, however, even though it came at a price.

Late Princess Diana with King Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry
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Later in the intimate conversation, the once again stressed on how therapy was his way out through everything. Through the course of it he felt like he had learnt a new language, which his loved ones didn’t speak. While he continued to unpack his trauma, he realized that he was getting more distant from his family.

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