“My wife saved me”- Prince Harry Goes Head Over Heels for His Wife, Meghan Markle on Global Livestream With Gabor Maté

“My wife saved me”- Prince Harry Goes Head Over Heels for His Wife, Meghan Markle on Global Livestream With Gabor Maté

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has a history of taking the internet by storm every time he sits for a new interview. We cannot blame him, though, since the royal stories do not seem to come near an end. Ever since the release of the Netflix six-part-docuseries, there have been revelations pouring in from the Sussex and the Memoir just added flames to the fire. And in times as such, the Duke’s wife Meghan Markle has emerged as his greatest pillar of support, says Prince Harry himself.

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The 38-year-old recently sat down for a conversation with a world-renowned speaker and trauma expert, Dr. Gábor Máté. Unlike the truth bombs that the Duke dropped on his estranged family in his previous interviews, they majorly focused this virtual book event on his mental breakdowns and how he found his way through them. While exploring through his record-breaking memoir, Spare, the two touched on various issues that had become breeding ground controversies over the past few months. 

Nonetheless, what got the crowd in an “aww” was the Prince’s overwhelming confession about his wife, Meghan Markle. During the in-depth conversation, Prince Harry stated, “My wife saved me.” He further continued admitting how he was stuck in this world and that Markle was eventually a messiah from some other who helped him get out of it. 

The Duke confessed, “none of the elements of my life would have been possible without seeing it for myself“. He further loaded his wife with appreciation by stating how she was an exceptional human being. “I’m eternally grateful for the wisdom and space she has been able to give me,” said the father of two. 

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How did Meghan Markle save Prince Harry? 

In the course of the intimate conversation with the trauma expert, Prince Harry also advocated how pursuing therapy has become the need of the hour. The Duke believes it was not only for him but for many other individuals who might have been dealing with similar, familiar issues. 

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In fact, he also admitted how it was his wife, Markle herself, who pushed him for pursuing therapy. The self-exiled California-based couple has forever been a pioneer of mental well-being and the welfare of society. Time and again, they have encouraged families and youth to take up professional help if the need arises. 

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