“I enjoy being scared a little bit”: ‘Devil in Ohio’ Actor Emily Deschanel Reveals What Fascinated Her About the Story

“I enjoy being scared a little bit”: ‘Devil in Ohio’ Actor Emily Deschanel Reveals What Fascinated Her About the Story

Everyone wants to have a quiet evening and maybe watch some exciting TV shows after a long day of work. Well, Netflix has just the thing for you. The streamer is all set to explore the spooky, thrilling theme yet again. Devil in Ohio will premiere on Netflix on 2nd September. Based on the best selling novel by Daria Polatin,  the story will leave you in awe with its incredible plot. In a recent interview, the lead actress of the limited series Emily Deschanel revealed the reason that excited her to pursue the role. It is a bit peculiar yet genuine.

Emily Deschanel in Devil in Ohio

In this limited eight episode series, Emily Deschanel plays the role of Dr. Suzzane Mathis, a psychiatrist. Mathis takes in a girl only to notice stranger occurrences since the girl moved in with her. With such a meaty role, one would wonder if the part itself inspired the actress to take up the role. Turns out that’s not the case. In a recent interview, Deschanel, when asked about the part of the story that interested her to play the role, revealed, “The fact that it’s based on an actual story that it’s inspired by—there’s lots of differences, but the basic elements of the story actually happened. That’s fascinating to me. I enjoy being scared a little bit.”

Furthermore, the Bones actress also admitted that the role was really captivating to her, especially getting familiar with the character of Suzzane and her psychology. Moreover, Emily spoke about the intrigue that the character built in her. Emily also admitted her love for cult series in general.

What is this thriller series about?

Devil in Ohio covers the story of a psychiatrist Dr. Suzzane Mathis (played by Deschanel). Suzzane provides temporary shelter to a mysterious young teenager Mae (Madeleine Arthur) who is lost in a world of her own with no connection to the real one. However, the only thing Suzzane knows about Mae is that the teen has experienced trauma.

Suzzane shares a normal life with her husband Peter (Sam Jaegar) up until she decides to house Mae. Things take a turn for the worse as strange happenings start occurring in Mathise’s house.

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Previously, Madeleine Arthur starred in Netflix’s popular teen drama To all the boys I have loved before and horror sci-fi film Color Out of Space. Sam Jaegar previously featured on the comedy-drama series Why Women Kill. 

If you haven’t already, check out Devil in Ohio on Netflix.

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