When is the ‘To All The Boys 4’ Release Date?

When is the ‘To All The Boys 4’ Release Date?

To All the Boys series has been very popular for teen and adult watchers on Netflix. Many new seasons and different subjects have been released on the streaming platform. Will To All The Boys 4 happen this year? You can read everything we know about the series below.

Jenny Han has removed cultural stereotypes and created real characters that we can understand and love. This series synopsis follows the Lara Jean Song-Covey, a shy teenager who writes five letters — ones she never planned to send — to boys that she has had crushes on. The films show her experiences after the letters are received by the young men. The series stars Lana Condor and Noah Centineo.

Will ‘To All The Boys 4’ Happen?

All of the three films are all based on the three books. Each book covers one movie, so it should be clear that To All the Boys 4 is not going to happen. Even though an official announcement hasn’t been made by either the production company or the streaming platform itself, there may be a fourth book releasing. Back in February 2020, Jenny Han teased that there may be a fourth book in the series. After all, LJ’s story isn’t quite over yet. She and Peter are still together but is there a chance for them to stay together through the long-distance?

As mentioned, there isn’t a confirmation about the film happening but Noah isn’t the only cast member who mentioned returning for a fourth film. Lana Condor tweeted: “Slow claps all around”, in response to Jenny’s thinking emoji tweet. Not to mention, Ross Butler, who plays Peter’s best friend Trevor in the movies, added: “Here for it if there’s ‘za”.

The rest of the stars have been pretty quiet so far but it essentially looks like the entire main cast is up for filming To All the Boys 4 if Jenny writes and releases the fourth book. Fingers crossed Jenny is working on something now.

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