“I don’t have anyone dictating me” – When Ryan Reynolds Spilled the Secret to His Incredible Sense of Humor

“I don’t have anyone dictating me” – When Ryan Reynolds Spilled the Secret to His Incredible Sense of Humor

Whether on or off screen, Ryan Reynolds never needed a script to be funny because this is the most efficient characteristic of his personality. The Canadian-born actor just manages to be hysterical and sarcastic at the perfect moment. From making fans laugh on the internet to volunteering for social causes, he is a fan-favorite star. His comical side is particularly adored because no matter what, the banters always work on people.

All the interviews, blooper reels, and social media posts signify that the Deadpool star is an unmatched artist. However, people still sometimes wonder if this 45-year-old star is quick-witted or if he uses a pre-written script. Giving an insight into his amazing thought process, Reynolds once spilled the secret to his incredible sense of humor.

Ryan Reynolds has a quick foot when it comes to humor

Last year, Ryan Reynolds sat down with First Post to talk about his movie Red Notice and his role-play. During the interview, he was asked: But how do you manage to be funny every time, even if it comes at the risk of repeating yourself?”

In his answer to the question, the Free Guy star remarked that comedy is certainly not an easy task. People in this genre keep on repeating aspects of things while they also modify it according to the situation. Moreover, the only strategy he uses is that he says whatever he finds amusing and funny himself.

“I don’t have anyone dictating me to do this or not to do this. I mostly have just myself to figure out,” revealed Reynolds.

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For a decade, Ryan has been practicing his humor by using the tool of writing and it has been the biggest “asset” for him. The Red Notice star believes that he is very lucky that he is able to continue with comedy because there are people who have lost it and gone to pursue career in another genre. Therefore, he would never take it for granted till he has that charm to make people happy and spread some smiles.

Currently, Ryan is getting ready for the release of the musical comedy drama Spirited directed by Sean Anders. The movie is slated for release in select cinemas on November 18, 2022, by Apple TV. Meanwhile, he is also preparing for his comeback as the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool 3, alongside Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

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