“I did everything that…”- Sydney Sweeney Once Opened Up About How She Overcame Shame About Her Body to Prove People Wrong

“I did everything that…”- Sydney Sweeney Once Opened Up About How She Overcame Shame About Her Body to Prove People Wrong

Sydney Sweeney has reached a whole new level of popularity in the past few years. Beginning her career with short side roles, this Spokane native now has her own production house. Not just that, she is the new face of one of the world’s biggest brands, Armani Fragrances. The path to the glory she now possesses, however, was not an easy one.

Before she gained fame in the industry and got two Primetime Emmy nominations, she was just another struggling artist. As a teen, the White Lotus actress was very conscious of her looks. And from a very young age, she had decided to be an actress; hence, she was extra conscious of her looks. In November last year, she opened up about her insecurities in an interview with GQ magazine.

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The story behind Sydney Sweeney becoming an all-rounder

The teenage years are some of the hardest years of a person’s life as they go through major physical as well as emotional changes. Most of us are vulnerable and very conscious of our bodies and looks in our teenage years. We try to look our best, and some of us are ready to do things that make us look good at any cost, and so did Sweeney.

She told GQ that during her teenage she suffered from severe acne that she applied toothpaste all over her face, which gave her dreadful rashes. The actress also mentioned that she had boobs way before her peers did and that made her feel excluded. Her insecurity about her body grew so much that she was ashamed of changing in the locker room.

Sweeney didn’t want anyone to define her solely on the basis of her amazing body. The 25-year-old wanted people to know that she is more than that; hence, she studied extremely hard and participated in sports as much as she could. “I did everything that people wouldn’t think I would do, to show them that my body doesn’t define who I am,” said Sydney as she talked about the hard work she did.

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And maybe that is the reason Sweeney has expertise in so many fields. Apart from being a talented actress, she is a nerd, a professional MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter, does pottery, and also fixes cars. It won’t be wrong to say that her teenage insecurity ended up making her an all-rounder.

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