“I can’t see anything,” – Sydney Sweeney Once Talked About How the Grave Wedding Scene From ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Became Amusing Due to Costume

“I can’t see anything,” – Sydney Sweeney Once Talked About How the Grave Wedding Scene From ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Became Amusing Due to Costume

Sydney Sweeney began her career with Everything Sucks and Sharp Objects but one of her critically acclaimed roles definitely was Eden Spencer from The Handmaid’s Tale. The show forced her to push her limits and do a more challenging role than she did previously. One of the many memories Sweeney had of the show, is when she was filming her wedding scene for the show’s second season.

The fifth episode of the second season shows the brutal scene of child marriage which Sweeney was a part of. Last year, the 25-year-old revealed the behind-the-scenes of her wedding scene on the show and how somehow a very serious scene turned into an amusing one that left her laughing.

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Why did Sydney Sweeney find this eerie scene comic?

The infamous scene that the Spokane native spoke about was the terrifying wedding scene from the show. Extremely young girls were presented as “rewards” to older men they haven’t met in their entire life. This spine-chilling scene had the brides in all-white costumes, where their faces were covered, along with the rest of the body. The Euphoria actor could not resist chuckling despite the grim surroundings of the scene.

The main problem that the 25-year-old faced was, she could not see her husband in the show, Nick through it. “So half the time I’m bumping into people, or I’m quietly whispering, ‘Nick, where are you? Nick, Nick, where are you?!’” revealed Sweeney in a Vanity Fair interview.

The use of all-white costumes in the scene symbolized the purity of the brides. The entire scene was extremely disturbing including the part where the lead character June’s pain gave birth to schadenfreude in Serena Joy. Aside from the chuckle that Sweeney got, the scene also gave her a friendship on the sets of the show.

How did Max Minghella and Sweeney become friends?

While shooting, Sweeny became really good friends with her co-star Minghella since she spent the most time with him. Minghella plays her husband Nick Blaine on the show. The on-screen duo used to goof around and listen to Taylor Swift’s songs while they were on the set.

Sweeney also mentioned that she had a great time with others on the set. The actors and crew would share amusing personal anecdotes and chat about silly reality TV series like The Bachelor.

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