“I hated going home…” Sydney Sweeney Once Opened Up About Her Insecurities Before Becoming a Star

“I hated going home…” Sydney Sweeney Once Opened Up About Her Insecurities Before Becoming a Star

Sydney Sweeney is climbing the ladder of success, slowly, yet surely. The White Lotus star began her career with short side roles, and now she is about to be the executive producer of Sony Pictures’ upcoming project Barbarella, along with being its lead. In addition to that, she has recently become the new face of Armani Fragrance.

The life of this Euphoria star was taken on a ride, given the ups and downs it has been through in her short yet magnificent career. The reason for calling it magnificent is that this 25-year-old has carved out her own niche in the industry without the assistance of a godfather. But what about those years when she was a struggler?

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Sydney Sweeney hated going home when she was a struggler

The Sharp Objects star was well aware of the fact that she always wanted to be an actress. So much so that she made a 5-year business plan presentation for her parents as a teen to convince them to let her start auditioning for movies. However, her parents were extremely supportive and allowed her to try her luck. However, the initial years of auditioning were full of struggles for this small-town girl.

Sydney Sweeney said in an interview with GQ, “I hated going home and friends or family members being like, ‘When are you going to come home and get a real job?’” She mentioned that some people around her used to make extremely snobbish statements to her, which made her utterly disappointed. Not only did she feel guilty about disappointing her parents, who had sacrificed much to allow her to pursue her dreams.

Surprisingly, right after she was at her lowest, she got a major show and a film, viz., Everything Sucks and Sharp Objects, in the year 2018, and since then she has not stopped. Euphoria, The White Lotus, and The Handmaid’s Tale are some of her notable works. Currently, in addition to her ambitious project Barbarella, she will co-star with Dakota Johnson in Marvel’s Madame Web, which will release in February next year.

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