“I am looking to play people not character”: Julia Garner Reveals How She Picks What to Play in a Show

“I am looking to play people not character”: Julia Garner Reveals How She Picks What to Play in a Show

The American actress Julia Garner has become one of the most sought-after young actresses on Television. She is considered a limelight stealer because of the impactful roles she has embodied in the last few years. From portraying Jane in The Assistant to taking on the swaggering character of Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna, the 28-year-old actress has bewitched her fans by bringing the improbable power of women on screen.

However, her beautiful little face and tight blond curls make it impossible to believe how exceptionally powerful artist Garner is. We saw her gritty and fierce performance in the hit crime drama Ozark. Now the actress has finally revealed how she picks what to play in a show after taking home another Emmy Award.

Julia Garner looks for a true human connection in the roles she plays

Best known for her starring role in the Netflix series, Ozark, Julia Garner has garnered the attention of people with her impeccable talent. The actress has won her third award at Emmy Award 2022 for her character Ruth Langmore. At the 74th Emmy Awards Winner interview, Julia talked with Marc Istook backstage about her role in Ozark.

During the conversation, Mark asked her about the new challenge she would like to take after playing incredible roles like Anna and Ruth. He also asked what characters intrigue her most after her famous show concluded in April 2022.

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In her response, Julia Garner stated that she has always been influenced by the roles that have “very deep curiosity and hopefulness“. Moreover, she added that these things are very crucial for humans to keep life going.

“And I think curiosity is a very important quality also as a person so I’m looking to play people not characters,” remarked the actress. Therefore, she chooses to play the characters who have a connection to human experiences because these types of roles make the audience feel that some part of their lives is embedded in them.

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Meanwhile, it is clear why Julia’s Ruth Langmore reigned over the hearts of millions of viewers on Netflix. Her distinctive talent and naturalistic performances left people wondering about what the character will do next.

If you want to watch this memorable character once again, you can stream all the seasons of Ozark on Netflix. Until then stay tuned with us to know more about this talented young woman.

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