How Will Smith Defined Black History Through George Floyd’s Attorney Benjamin L. Crump

How Will Smith Defined Black History Through George Floyd’s Attorney Benjamin L. Crump

Will Smith is considered the pride of the Black community by many for his contribution not only to the cinema but also to other meaningful causes. The movie star earned another goody point when he showed up to honor Florida Attorney Benjamin L. Crump. Smith added stars to the history-defining moment in more ways than one. The crowd in Miami was gathered to honor L. Crump’s devotion and the fight he has for the people in his community, and watching Oscar-winning actor Will Smith walk up on stage was not a part of the agenda.

However, making time from his Bad Boys 4 filming schedule to honor his friend was not the only sweet gesture that Smith offered.

Will Smith honors the efforts of Benjamin L. Crump with a massive cheque

St. Thomas University’s prestigious law school in South Florida recently honored Benjamin L. Crump by renaming itself. L. Crump is a civil rights attorney known to fight for the well-being of the Black community. Will Smith not only made the naming ceremony special for the attorney and the attendees by showing up and stating that “There are very few people in the world with a heart like this,” (via TMZ) but also by donating a huge cheque two years ago.

Crump has worked to bring justice to the families of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, and Tyre Nichols among others. He also secured a spot in the Times Most Influential list in 2021.

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In an interview with Tallahassee Democrat, Crump revealed that “a $10-million campaign was needed to raise funds for scholarships aimed at law students enrolled at St. Thomas University”. And the Pursuit of Happyness actor was among the first to make a large donation of an unknown amount.

L. Crump expressed gratitude towards Ali actor for the honor

As Crump stood on stage in the history-defining moment, he made sure to give a shoutout to Will Smith. “We told people they had an opportunity to make history, so that’s why it was very gratifying when we saw people like Will Smith and others contribute,” the renowned attorney said.

Smith was the only Hollywood figure he mentioned by name. Meanwhile, it has been reported that George Clinton and Bishop T.D Jakes have also contributed to the $10 million campaign that made Benjamin L. Crump the first and only active Black Attorney to have a law school named after him.

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