How ‘Stay Close’ Became Harlan Coben’s 6th Adaptation With Netflix? Harlan Coben Tells Uzo Abuda

How ‘Stay Close’ Became Harlan Coben’s 6th Adaptation With Netflix? Harlan Coben Tells Uzo Abuda

Nowadays, people measure a writer’s worth with the number of adaptations the writer has. And Harlan Coben has been constantly climbing the ladder with the help of Netflix. For the uninitiated, Stay Close was Harlan’s sixth book, which Netflix adapted into a series.

Uzo Abuda recently hosted Harlan Coben, Richard Armitage, and Nicola Shindler, who went as guests on Netflix Book Club. Thus, the readers and viewers of Stay Close got to know more about the author. So, keep reading to find out about the process of converting a book into a series. But stop if you haven’t yet completed Stay Close on Netflix, as there will be spoilers.

What does Harlan think about Stay Close Netflix?

Harlan doesn’t consider his novel to be purely a mystery, rather he looks at it as a combination of genres. Harlan explained his reasoning: “So what is the story really about, the friendship between Ray and Fester. The romance between Broome and Lorraine. A woman longing past, worried about getting married.”

Harlan also admitted that he knows the end of a story before he writes it. The author elaborated on his technique where he knows the start and the end but explores the middle.

Richard and Harlan talk about characters in Stay Close

Harlan has made distinct characters with a unique profession. But he believes somewhere down the line every character is a detective. Thus, he said: “They’re not detectives looking under a microscope or checking fingerprints. But they all want the answers to what happened to them, what caused their trauma.”

“He is like a detective piecing together fragments of memory that he does remember, which was what the tattoos were all about,” Richard talked about his character. “It’s a way of marking himself to just try and trigger memory and by chance, as Meghan is triggered so is Ray and so much more starts to come back to him.”

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Unfortunately, the writer did not give any update on season 2 of Stay Close during the interview. But here’s how season 2 might continue.

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