How Ryan Reynolds Described Hugh Jackman’s Return as Wolverine in the Oddest Way Possible, “It’s like…”

How Ryan Reynolds Described Hugh Jackman’s Return as Wolverine in the Oddest Way Possible, “It’s like…”

Ryan Reynolds could not contain his excitement about Hugh Jackman. The Green Lantern actor recently announced the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in a post, in his own style. This has only added to the excitement of Deadpool 3. Especially since the two characters have had a history together.

Deadpool infamously appeared in Jackman’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Though Wolverine’s character was highly appreciated, criticism of Ryan’s character was high. The reason being the character had no dialogue and was a merc without a mouth. Though the actor listened to the feedback and made it big with the success of one of the most successful movies, Deadpool. Now that Ryan managed to convince Hugh Jackman to act in his lead movie, the former was overjoyed.

Ryan Reynolds said this about Hugh Jackman’s return

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh will be seen sharing the screen after a long time. The actor told Variety how excited he was to know that Jackman finally agreed. Reynolds expressed, “Oh my God, I’m thrilled. It’s like old home week. To get to be on set with one of my closest friends each and every day is a dream come true.”

Apparently, the actor had been trying to pitch Wolverine’s return to Hugh for a long time. In an interview, the Logan actor said, “I think, actually, he’d given up.” But he finally agreed to Ryan’s plea. The other person that tried for three years for this to happen was Kevin Feige.

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Being the President of Marvel, he was very keen on welcoming Hugh to Marvel. So putting together the cast of Deadpool 3 was a big victory. But what really convinced him was nothing other than watching Deadpool. According to Hugh, within 20 minutes of him watching the first Deadpool movie, he was already impressed. For fans, all is well that ends well. The story to the happy ending was Deadpool 3, which will release in 2024.

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