How Pete Davidson Encouraged Netflix to Add a Short Movies Section to the Platform

How Pete Davidson Encouraged Netflix to Add a Short Movies Section to the Platform

Will Smith and Chris Rock aren’t the only celebrities making Netflix reconsider the content on their platform. While the “slapgate” might be largely negative, this celebrity and his jokes had a great outcome. It gave Netflix the idea to make the streaming giant even more convenient for users. Find here what Pete Davidson said that made Netflix add a short movies section.

Where did this begin?

How many times have you found yourself scrolling through Netflix endlessly? More often than not, it is not a film’s genre but the length of it that motivates you to skip it and look for another, shorter one. While many lengthy films are absolute masterpieces, one cannot deny that being in the mood for long movies is a rarity.

This emotion that we have all experienced, Pete Davidson put into words on Saturday Night Live. Watch his entire rap song featuring Chris Redd, Gunna, and Simon Rex here:

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Where can I find short movies on Netflix?

After perhaps stumbling across Davidson’s rap and realizing how good of an idea it actually is, Netflix created a “short-a** movies” section. This allows fans to watch films without taking up too much of their time, or finding themselves dozing off before they even reach the end.

Considering how Netflix has been implementing rules that users don’t particularly like (charging extra fees for sharing passwords and their constant price hike, for example), this has come as good news for many fans. Now they do not have to separately Google “short movies on Netflix” to find their match. They can simply browse the short movies section and see what works for them. The link for the same is here.

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Whenever you find yourself in the mood for a “short-a** movie“, simply click the link, scroll a little, play the movie and enjoy!

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