How Much Is the Duchess of Sussex and the Host of the Archetype Podcast, Meghan Markle Worth in 2022?

How Much Is the Duchess of Sussex and the Host of the Archetype Podcast, Meghan Markle Worth in 2022?

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry publicly stepped down from their royal duties, they were not only giving up their titles but were also accepting a deduction in their royal salaries. Their deal with Netflix is also apparently not going very well. After all, nothing has come out of the deal after nearly two years.

Now royal watchers are curious to know how much is the Suits actress worth despite the multiple setbacks. How can she afford the $14 million Santa Barbara home, let’s find out. 

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What is the net worth of Meghan Markle in 2022?

The Sussexes combined net worth is $60 Million in 2022. For their Santa Barbara home, they secured a mortgage of $9.5 million. However, the former actress had an individual net worth of $5 million before her marriage to Prince Harry. She was paid $50,000 per episode for Suits and $360,000 for Remember Me and The Candidate.

She appeared in more than 100 episodes. And earned approximately $80,000 from her endorsements as well. However, upon her marriage, her finances were tied to the Duke of Sussex, his individual net worth in 2018 was $40 millionIn 2021, they signed with the Harry Walker agency to give speeches.

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The agency pays around $1 million per speech.  Moreover, the mother of two likely continues to receive royalties for the reruns of her show, Suits on various platforms. Meghan Markle also appeared on Deal or no Deal which earned her a check for $800 per episode. She received an advance of $70,000 for her book, The Bench. 

Despite the headlining-making Oprah interview, the ex-royals were not paid a single penny for it. However, that didn’t affect their bank balance much. Because in 2022 they entered a partnership with Spotify which earned the couple $25 million. The deal led to the Archetype Podcast. But it was the deal with Netflix that earned them the big checks. The couple struck a whopping $150 million deal with the streamer in 2020. According to the deal, a Sussex docuseries and Markle’s Pearl were on the table. Although now we know the latter was scrapped. 

Did you expect the royal lady to be worth this much?


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