Despite All the Criticism, Kate Middleton Understood Why Meghan Markle Was “compelled to show up in person” in Uvalde

Despite All the Criticism, Kate Middleton Understood Why Meghan Markle Was “compelled to show up in person” in Uvalde

Criticism and trolling are not new for Meghan Markle. Ever since her entry into Prince Harry’s life, the Duchess of Sussex has been placed under a big microscope, and her each move is brutally scrutinized. In May 2022, Markle again found herself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. May 24, 2022, marks a black day in Texas as 19 kids and two teachers died following an open shooting at the Robb Elementary School.

The incident left the world stumped and condolence messages started pouring over from all over the world. Meghan Markle also decided to pay her heartfelt respects to the children who lost their life by paying a visit to Uvalde. The former American actress traveled from California to Uvalde in a private jet and laid flowers on the memorial. However, she got papped while laying the flowers and several people trolled her by naming her trip as a PR stunt. Amidst all the criticism, Markle had the unspoken support of Kate Middleton.

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Kate Middleton backed Meghan Markle for her Uvalde visit

Despite all the bashing for Meghan Markle, there was no official statement from the royal family. However, the royal biographer Christopher Anderson has revealed that the Princess of Wales could understand where the Suits alum was coming from. In his new book, The King: The Life of Charles III, Anderson has reflected on how Middleton could relate to Markle’s motivation during a private conversation with a friend. 

“As strained as relations may have been between the Sussexes and the rest of the family, none of the senior royals stepped forward to criticize Meghan’s decision to visit Uvalde. At one point Kate told a friend that she understood why Meghan would feel compelled to show up in person,” Anderson has mentioned in the book as quoted by Newsweek.

Meanwhile, last year Middleton had also done the same gesture following the death of a woman by a police officer. The next-in-line Queen Consort participated in the candlelight vigil in London for the dead women. However, she was not subjected to any criticism.

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Do you believe Meghan’s visit to Uvalde was a publicity stunt? Share your views in the comments. 

2 thoughts on “Despite All the Criticism, Kate Middleton Understood Why Meghan Markle Was “compelled to show up in person” in Uvalde

  1. Reply
    Mary Ann Williams
    November 10, 2022 at 2:55 pm

    I live in Texas and I thought it was disgusting. She came with her Archwell photography and recorder device in tow. You may have not seen the footage but by being in Texas the coverage was more specific. Her arrival was just days after the tragedy took place. She had the other memorials moved away from where people and family were mourning. They threw them so replacing the memorials would take a long time to put them where they were.. They moved them to get a better picture angle and laid her flowers beneath the crosses. She also tried to get inside to see the room where the murders took place. It was a crime scene meaning everything was like except without the bodies. A Texas Ranger told her to leave and twas not a photo opp. Before she left she had the pictures sold to a magazine whose name has not disclosed. She also sold the clothes she had on. When they left nothing was returned to the place was there. She had no business being there. She wasn’t sending her condolences she was trying to make money. She is devoid of a soul. She sold that to the devil long time ago.

  2. Reply
    Mary Ann Williams
    November 10, 2022 at 3:14 pm

    I am disappointed that Catherine could understand why she made the trip.if you tell me the reason I will listen. Instead of moving family and mourners out of the way is beyond shame. How could anyone do that? She showed no empathy and does not care how she is recieved. I have to agree with Harry who told her that it is was to soon to interfere ithe mourners who were in shock of the horrific murders.

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