Did Meghan Markle Turn Down Kate Middleton’s Offer of Taking Archie’s Personal Pictures?

Did Meghan Markle Turn Down Kate Middleton’s Offer of Taking Archie’s Personal Pictures?

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have never been close to each other. Reports suggest that the two struggled to maintain a cordial relationship due to their constant clashes and difference in opinions. It is believed that Markle’s first public appearance alongside Prince William and Middleton left the couple insecure as they felt overshadowed by the new addition to the family.

Meanwhile, it was a widely known whisper that the former actress made her sister-in-law cry while discussing the flower girl’s dresses for her wedding. Meghan Markle confirmed the incident during the Oprah Winfrey interview while clarifying that it was Kate Middleton who made her cry. Amidst all the rift rumors, Neil Sean has revealed that the Princess of Wales tried to bridge the gap by offering to take Archie’s pictures for his photoshoot as a newborn. How did Markle react to the proposition?

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What happened between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton?

As per the YouTube video uploaded by royal expert Neil Sean, Meghan Markle turned down the offer by Kate Middleton. Sean hailed the Princess of Wales for her king and the generous offer of taking Archie’s personal pictures. However, the Sussex royal was quite clear about hiring a photographer for the job. 

“This was a very special gesture from the now-Princess of Wales to Meghan Markle when she had her first child, Archie. According to that good source, apparently, Meghan turned that opportunity down flat. You didn’t need to hire a photographer, as Harry and Meghan did,” Sean said in the video.

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It might surprise you to know that Middleton is no less than a professional photographer. Various photographers in the United Kingdom have often lauded her for her splendid photography. The 40-year-old was the only one who took snaps of her children and earned the tag of being a splendid photographer

Catherine impressed the late Queen Elizabeth II as well with her passion and skill for photography. Earlier this year, Middleton added another feather to her photography career by taking pictures of Queen Consort Camilla for an edition of Country Life magazine.

What are your thoughts about the relationship between the two sisters-in-law? Let us know in the comments. 

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