How Money Heist Ends? Speculations Rise as Finale Comes Close

How Money Heist Ends? Speculations Rise as Finale Comes Close

In just under two days, we will get to see the last act in the Money Heist saga on Netflix. A story that has kept the entire world at the edge of their seats finally ends; when The Professor and his gang face the Spanish military and law enforcement. As we get closer to the last part of the season, a question bugged us all: How exactly does Money Heist end?

Dozens of people have been speculating about how will La Casa de Papel end, and we are here to serve you with some of the best theories from all around the internet. So let’s put on our Dali masks, and dive into an ocean of theories singing Bella Ciao, shall we?

The Professor always has a plan

In the recent trailer that was released for Money Heist season 5 part 2, we saw The Professor going into the Bank of Spain. While many believe that The Professor is giving up and surrendering in front of the law, a few fans saw something else. They realized he was never escorted into the band with pointed guns or military, instead; he is going in at his will. Eagle-eyed fans also noticed how he never has his hands raised like when people do while surrendering; Professor is proudly walking into the bank, like a king.

We all know The Professor very well. It won’t be the first time when he comes with a plan out of nowhere. So, many are wondering what exactly this plan will be.

How Money Heist Ends: The Dali protestors

One of the popular theories suggests the gang will open the doors of the banks for protestors. Giving up the gold and asking them to come to take as much as they want to. This will create enough distractions for the crew to slip off the hands of the police. This may not let them have the entire gold for themselves, but they can leave with pockets full of golden pellets.

Ultimately, the gold will go where it belongs, to the people. We think this theory to be a believable one.

The Professor is going to pull off a Berlin

While few believe that this is going to happen, some people have been thinking about a sacrifice from The Professor. Just like how Berlin sacrificed his life to save his crew members, we might see Professor doing the same. As it may be possible that the crew will get a jail sentence instead of getting killed in this war.

This looks like a heroic sacrifice, and might even feel good to see, but we don’t think this is the answer to how money heist ends. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

The end of the crew

The Netflix show has always given us some of the saddest deaths, and it never shies away from killing more members of the cast. Hence, a few people think that the entire crew will decide to die, instead of getting themselves locked up in jail.

How Money Heist Ends: The Rafael Factor

Wait, did you actually forget about those flashbacks and Barlin’s kid, Rafael? Cause if you did, you might just be making a huge mistake. Fans are pretty sure that Rafael will play a major role in getting his half-uncle and his gang out of the bank. There have been no solid theories or ideas about how will the MIT graduate do it, but if there is one thing we know about this Netflix Original, it is that you can never predict the next twist.

What according to you will happen in the last part of La Casa de Papel? How do you think Money Heist ends?

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