How Jada Pinkett Smith Once Defined the Unwritten Rule of a Relationship, Slyly Hinting at Will Smith

How Jada Pinkett Smith Once Defined the Unwritten Rule of a Relationship, Slyly Hinting at Will Smith

Jada Smith once discussed her s*x life with Will in front of her mother. The actress who holds a talk show called the Red Table Talk is not very shy to open up about her long married life with A-list actor Will Smith. The couple has had quite a roller coaster of marriage but managed to stay well together so far.

Together, they got married in 1997, and despite the ups and downs, they and their two kids, Willow and Jaden, remained an absolute unit. But maintaining a loving marriage for decades is no easy task. It takes work, and actress Jada tells what it takes to keep some spice for a happy marital life.

Jada Smith on maintaining spice in married life with Will Smith

Mother of two, Jada Smith is one of the most known personalities in Hollywood today. In fact, the Smith family, together, is a unit of talented individuals. But maintaining a marriage for three-plus decades, especially in a glamorous industry, is no easy feat—that too a happy one.

The then 50-year-old had a session of Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch alongside mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris and guest Gwyneth Paltrow. On the topic of sharing about her s*x life with Smith, she said, “You expect your partner to know, especially when it comes to sex”. According to the host, if someone loves you, they should know what you love in the bedroom, intimacy-wise. Gwyneth Paltrow seemed to agree with the thought.

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Will once also stated how two people in a marriage need to stay happy as individuals and then come together to build on that happiness. The duo did survive a rough patch when Mrs. Smith confessed to having entanglement with the much younger rapper August Alsina. She was highly criticized for the show episode that featured her and Will facing each other over the topic of her affair.

The two have since survived many things including Smith’s Oscar slap gate incident. What did you think of Jada’s advice on spicing up long-term marriages? Let us know in the comments.

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