How Elon Musk Once Took to Twitter to Thank Billie Eilish for the Most Hilarious Reason

How Elon Musk Once Took to Twitter to Thank Billie Eilish for the Most Hilarious Reason

Elon Musk is notorious for trolling his fans and others alike on Twitter. The millionaire is also known for being quite familiar with meme culture. Hence it wasn’t a surprise when he suddenly shared a bewildering story on his social media handle and reacted to it amusingly, even going so far as to thank Billie Eilish for it. 

The tech mogul is recently in the news for his takeover of Twitter. Early this year he had proposed to buy the platform for a huge figure but has only recently gone ahead to seal the deal. Since the acquisition, he has changed his Twitter bio to Chief Twit which has even led to a flurry of layoffs at the Twitter headquarters.

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 Elon Musk hilariously reacted to a bizarre text story starring him and Billie Eilish on Twitter

Early this year, the millionaire shared a screenshot of what appeared to be an enlarged text from another website. The utterly bizarre story recounted the one time the Bad Guy crooner gave Musk, then a kid an air conditioning coil and told him that he was destined for some big things.  

The Twitter owner captioned it: “Still so grateful“. Elon Musk also went a step ahead to add a holding-back tears emoji to rub in the sarcasm.  For those unaware, the post was a classic case of copypasta – bewildering stories with factual backing that only originate on the internet

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The SpaceX owner seemed aware of that and hence had a rather amusing reaction to it. Moreover, it isn’t possible because Billie is currently 20 years old and Music is soon to turn 51. It’s impossible for Eilish to meet and even greet him as a kid for she wasn’t even born then! The singer-songwriter has not spoken up on the matter yet.

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