How Eddie Munson’s Death Has Set a Higher Bar for the ‘Stranger Things’ Finale

How Eddie Munson’s Death Has Set a Higher Bar for the ‘Stranger Things’ Finale

While Stranger Things is one of the best series of the current time, the show is competing with itself with every season. The fourth season left everyone on an emotional rollercoaster of excitement and sadness, and with more questions about what’s ahead. In the midst of all this storm was Eddie Munsons’ amazingly haunting death.

When such a well-built character passes away, it leads to two things: more investment in watching the finale and big expectations after the high bar that the beautifully executed death has set.

Did Stranger Things make a mistake by killing off Eddie in season 4?

Killing off teens in scary ways is one of the guilty thrills that Stranger Things offers. Eddie Munson’s death was perhaps the bravest one that left everyone shaken. With the fifth season being the finale, we can expect a few more deaths of both sides, especially among the main characters. But the challenge for the show makers now, as per Screenrant’s Cathal Gunning, is to somehow top Munson’s death by picking on a primary character and somehow giving them an end as legendary as Munson, if not more.

The guitar hero entered the show at the beginning of the fourth season and saw a tragic death by the end of the season. But within that time, we went from seeing him as a typical retro punk to a character with layers of stories and internal conflicts. Despite the negative impression of fellow characters, he died fighting a battle for righteous reasons.

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With the finale being far from its release, there are speculations about which character could die. But then there are some who have higher probabilities than others.

Main characters that could die in the season finale of the Netflix series

Just like Munson, we saw a major turn of view toward Steve Harrington after his character development. But now that he is in the good books, the finale could be a good time to break hearts by eliminating the character.

On the other hand, Eleven whose sole purpose since her exit has been fighting the lab could also see a heroic end. The ultimate war between her and Vecna is inescapable, with the death of the antagonist becoming the series’ happy ending.

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What character do you think can match Eddie Munsons’ death in the Stranger Things finale? Comment your thoughts.

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