How Did the Advancing Weightlifting Career of Arnold Schwarzenegger Come to an End?

How Did the Advancing Weightlifting Career of Arnold Schwarzenegger Come to an End?

Weightlifting and powerlifting are two sports that confuse a lot of people; however, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man who has conquered both of them. The former governor of California was a multitalented person who made his name not just in acting but also in bodybuilding, weightlifting, and similar sports, politics, and business. But before he delved into other areas of his career, his weightlifting days came to end. How?

After beginning his journey as a successful bodybuilder, the Terminator actor steadily moved toward his path to be a successful weightlifter. Schwarzenegger participated in a number of Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting competitions in his early bodybuilding career. Sadly, the weightlifting career of the 75-year-old actor did not last long but that is because he got film offers that gave his career a whole new direction.

While it is a very famous fact that the Predator actor won the Junior Mr. Europe contest in 1965, very few people know that, at the age of 15, he competed for the first time in 1963 inside a beer hall in Graz, Austria. But this was not the end of his weightlifting career. He had a few quality years before he moved on to different fields. The question is, what were his accomplishments during his short weightlifting career?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his endless strength and achievements

Weightlifting was not the only sport that Schwarzenegger participated in. His long list of accomplishments includes major other sports like powerlifting and stone lifting. As per Bar Bend, the former bodybuilder recalled in his 2012 published autobiography Total Recall how he originally performed a “two-arm press” at 150 pounds, which he said was his usual weight at the time.

But this wasn’t the end; he carried on lifting heavier weights and in his next attempt, he lifted an extraordinary weight of 185 pounds. At the Styrian Junior Weightlifting Championships, he lifted a 280-kilogram (616-pound) total, although it is not clear till today how much he lifted in each exercise.

Sadly, there are very poorly maintained records of the former bodybuilder in weightlifting, but the limited photographs and his strength and experience speak a lot about him. However, he later moved on to make a more successful career in acting and business, and his attachment to bodybuilding and weightlifting will be with him forever.

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